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Saw your thread on the 350. I get .5 or better with the 350. I load for a friend who was ringing steel 6" steel at 300 with his. Your load came up with 43,800 psi in GRT so it should have been safe. I agree that you were in the lands. A lot of good info in the thread but I'll add a few things.
1. Case length is absolutely critical to accuracy because the case headspaces on the mouth.
2. Use a Lee factory crimp die and apply a firm but consistent crimp on top of the PDR band. Much better with the slow burning powders. (better ignition)
3.While Lil-gun gives good speeds, it didnt give best accuracy in my friends Savage. It gave .5-.6". 2400 powder shot under .037" and 11FS powder shot almost as good. Another friend who reloads himself uses Lil-gun and best he can get is .7" out of his winchester rifle.
I tested with H-110, 11FS, 5744, Lil-gun, 4100, and 2400.
The 350 in a savage is capable of amazing accuracy as you've seen. Keep at it
Thanks for the input from your experiences! Always want to hear what other’s are running into! Savage really does put out an accurate product. Was glad to hear that my original starting load should not have been over pressure, had I not likely put it in the lands.

I would like to get ahold of some 2400 or 11FS but never see them in my area. Lil’ Gun almost never works out for me in the accuracy department, be it in .357 mag, 450 Bush or 350 Leg.

Next load work up will be on a CVA Cascade in 350 Legend. Bringing more knowledge to the table this time!
Hi, I saw you were looking for some load data for your .280AI - here are a couple spots to check;

Good morning!
Your question was on point and correct. We're just reluctant to publish too much on an open Public Forum.
Anybody can buy bullets and take measurements. We just don't want to point out what we've learned.
To your question, we've learned that a ratio between 60/40 and 50/50 of nose (HP depth) to shank is the "sweet spot" for performance. This is somewhat dependent upon caliber and also on bullet style. A Lever Hammer's side walls are thicker than a Hammer Hunter, for instance, and the LH's open slower/later than the HHs for instance. "Tinkering" with the hp mouth can change this. Simply chamfering the hp mouth can radically change performance of this bullet.
The new HHTs are a direct offshoot of the LH testing we did, for instance.
There are several other variances that are being tinkered with. The new bands on the HHTs are presenting some challenges as well. The PDR bands are thicker than the old ones and wider as well. This is causing some problems/challenges that will have to be worked out. This specifically is what Farleg has been referencing in some of his posts- he just can't come out and say it😅