.525 Cal-878gr Target Hammer™

make sure your barrel twist is fast enough for this bullet before ordering

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This Target Hammer™ was designed to match the original bullet for the T-Gewehr.  Also known as the Tankgewehr M1918 and the Mauser 13mm anti tank rifle. We matched the physical dimensions of the original steel core armor piercing bullet which made this bullet heavier than the original due to the higher material density of copper vs steel.  The only change we made to the original design was to incorporate our PDR drive band design for reduced pressure.


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Minimum required twist rate is 1-16″ or faster

Bullet length is 2.520″

Nose length is 1.4259″

Bullet weight is 878gr

Recommended use: Target Shooting

g7-bc= .433 estimated

Weight 4.32 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 2.5 in
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