The Shock Hammers are our line of bullets that we designed for normal range hunting, where bc is inconsequential. So for most cartridges 400y or less. The Shock Hammer™ line is approximately an 80% weight retention bullet that has a larger hollow point for super quick opening on game with high retention for long straight penetration.

The Hammer Hunter™ line is our long range or high bc line of bullets. This was the original line of bullets. These bullets all have 1.5mm hollow point and are typically 60%-70% weight retention. There is no drop off in terminal performance from the Shock Hammers. The only difference that we see on game is the Shock Hammer™ will open up slightly quicker. We designed the Hammer Hunter™ with the 1.5mm hp as it was the smallest that we could get reliable expansion. We tried 1mm hp but it would not always do what we wanted on game. Failure is not an option. As far as we know there is no report of a failure of the Hammer Hunter™ to expand on game. There is always that chance and the larger hollow point on the Shock Hammers reduces that risk.

I will be changing the name of the Heavy Hammers to Hammer Hunter™s. They are for all intents and purpose the same. They are bullets that we came up with for customers that had slow for caliber twist rifles. The goal here was to make as heavy a bullet as we could that still has the 1.5mm hollow point and still get as much bc as we could and maintain proper stability for good terminal performance. They typically have shortened boat tails and more baring surface to increase the weight to length ratio.

DeadBlow Hammers are Hammer Hunter™s that are designed to retain 40%-50% on impact. They simply have a very deep hollow point that causes them to shed much larger nose petals. We have a full line of these ready to go. I just have not had the time to get them up on the website. We hunted with these bullets last fall in MT and had very good results. I’ll be honest, it is not exactly what we think a bullet should be, but we are looking to satisfy those who like a frangible bullet. Because they are pure copper they do not disintegrate like lead core bullets, so meat damage is still very light. The shed weight comes of in a few large pieces that do their own work. Think of 4 little 25g bullets along with the retained shank all penetrating deep in the animal. On game performance was actually very good. These bullets will be a bit more expensive due to the fact that is takes so long to drill the deep hole. If anyone is interested in DeadBlows shoot me a note. We can fill orders I just need to know what you are after.

Absolute Hammers are very similar to the Hammer Hunter™ bullets with the same 1.5mm hollow point and the same basic form.  We designed the Absolute Hammer™ so that it can not be engraved on the ogive of the bullet.  The only part of the bullet that encounters the barrel is the PDR drive bands.  This greatly reduced the engraving pressure of the bullet which in turn increased the potential velocity in most cartridges.  Because of the very low engraving pressure the Absolute Hammers do not line up well with conventional bullet loading data.  They should only be loaded by expert reloaders that are capable of working up a load without any supporting data.

Target Hammers are pretty self explanatory. Non expanding bullet designed for shooting targets not game.

All of the Hammer Bullets® that are designed for hunting are impact tested down to 1800 fps impact velocity for proper deformation.  We have not been able to impact a Hammer Bullet at too high of an impact velocity.  They will retain the same weight at low and high velocity impacts.