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Are you tired of other areas on the internet that have become bogged down with personal sales, name calling and too much junk?  Join our forum, it’s a clean and fresh way to discuss everything outdoor related.

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Hammer Time Forum Rules:

    • Hammer Time forum is designed for outdoor enthusiasts to get together and discuss our passions. This is a place to discuss hunting, shooting, and other outdoor activities. Hammer Time is connected to Hammer Bullets® and H D Custom Rifles and Ammunition LLC, although the forum is not limited to discussion of these products. We invite discussions about any other products as well. There will be no advertising, selling of products, or classified advertising/sales of any kind, other than that of the owners of the site.
    • Keep this site G rated. No foul language. It does not enhance the discussion. No disparaging remarks about other members, no foul attitudes, treat everyone with respect even if you disagree. If a member is not conducting themselves in a respectful manner, give them a gentle reminder of the rules. The membership should be able to police this easily. If a member is unable to keep it civil they will be banned from the site.
    • This is a place for the exchange of information and ideas. It’s a place to ask and answer questions, let’s try to keep it as factual as possible. It’s a place to show off what you have done and explain how you did it. Everybody has their own set of ethics, this is not the place to preach yours. If you do not like another members ethics keep it to yourself. We are all sportsmen and must stick together to protect what we love.
    • No threads should be started for the purpose of bashing any product or service. If you have a problem with the product or service of any company, take it to them, don’t come here to try and make them look bad. If you want to give a shout out to someone or a company that has done your right, go for it. If someone asks about particular experiences, and yours is bad, be tactfully truthful.
    • This is a sponsor free advertising free site. No one is to come here to promote their own business. There should be no links to promote business in your signature line. No business promotion in your screen name. No links to auction sites. It is ok to recommend products and services to others, but not as a spokesperson or for personal gain. Keep business deals in personal messages or email, not in the public forum. If you want to buy and sell stuff use a different forum. There is only one sponsor on this site, Hammer Bullets®/H D Custom Rifles and Ammunition LLC. We reserve the right to promote businesses of our choice.
    • We at Hammer Bullets® /H D Custom Rifles and Ammunition LLC are Christian and politically active. With that said this is not a place to proselytize or campaign. As much as we love these topics they tend to cause emotional responses that can cause difficulty. You may express your faith in your name or signature but no threads of a religious nature. There will be a forum for political issues that are pertinent to the theme of Hammer Time outdoor sportsman issues.
    • No Hotlinks, Hyperlinks, Video links or Commercial sales.
    • Enjoy yourself and let’s keep the free flow of information and ideas.
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