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Patented Design for both target and hunting applications.

Hammer Bullets™ are custom turned on a CNC lathe, using only the highest-quality solid copper appropriate for the desired result. Each bullet is weighed and micrometer measured as it is produced. The result is an incredibly consistent product with unparalleled quality control.

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Hammer Hunter

Our original line of bullets. The Hammer Hunter line is our long range or high bc line of bullets. These bullets all have 1.5mm hollow point and are typically 60%-70% weight retention.

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Shock Hammer

The Shock Hammers are our line of bullets that we designed for normal range hunting, where bc is inconsequential. The Shock Hammer line is approximately an 80% weight retention bullet that has a larger hollow point for super quick opening on game with high retention for long straight penetration.

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DeadBlow Hammers

DeadBlow Hammers are Hammer Hunters that are designed to retain 40%-50% on impact. They simply have a very deep hollow point that causes them to shed much larger nose petals. Because they are pure copper they do not disintegrate like lead core bullets, so meat damage is still very light.

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.264 Cal-124g Hammer Hunter

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Custom Bullet Design

We can provide a Hammer Bullet to meet the varying needs of each customer. We can quickly produce virtually any custom caliber and grain your rifle can support. We can design a specific bullet for use in non-standard twist rates. If you have a faster or slower twist for a given caliber, contact us and we can discuss a bullet for your needs.

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We are offering a 10% military discount for current and former members of the military. At checkout there is a button for coupons. Just click this button and the coupon will show. This coupon is on the honor system. Anyone using this coupon that is not a veteran, is a turd.

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– Justin M.

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