.224 Cal-73gr Absolute Hammer™

make sure your barrel twist is fast enough for this bullet before ordering

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This pure copper Absolute Hammer™ was designed for 1-7.25″ twist or faster barrels.  We kept the length of this bullet down a bit to help with dynamic stability in the very fast hot rod 22 caliber cartridges.  Like all of the Absolute Hammer™s they should only be loaded by experienced hand loaders that are comfortable with developing a load for a cartridge that does not line up with conventional data.  The engraving pressure for the Absolute Hammer™s is very low and they need more powder to get to pressure than conventional bullets.

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Recommended minimum twist rate is 1-7.25″

Bullet length is 1.10″

Nose length is .550″

Bullet weight is 73gr

Recommended use: Small to big game hunting

G7-BC= .173 calculated from shot drops

G1-BC= .345 calculated from shot drops

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