Peterson 260 Remington Match Grade Brass

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The .260 Remington cartridge was introduced by Remington in 1997. Since that time it has seen considerable success as a caliber used in competition. It is a flat shooter all the way out to 1,000 yards.

Peterson Cartridge is dedicated to producing the best casings for long-distance shooters. So we designed our tooling to make .260 Rem’s with hardness gradients and grain structure that enable our casings to get more reloads than the competition. Peterson’s .260 Rem’s also have more consistent internal volume, which allows the shooter to put more bullets in the same hole at the target.

We also produce the .260 Rem in Small Rifle Primer pocket size (SRP) for competition shooters. Many competitive shooters prefer SRP because the smaller pocket leaves more metal in the head, which translates to more reloads. There is also a belief that small rifle primers produce a more consistent ignition.

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